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September 07 2014


30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 2): Favourite Scene from Season 1 ~ Groovy Kinda Love.

"Stop copying my beaks".

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30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 3): Favourite scene from Season 2 ~ Nick and Tran Water Massage.

"This is intimate".

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30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 4): An OTP or pairing you like from the show ~ Nick and Jess. 

"We are roommates, who have made out a couple of times, and are attracted to each other,and really good friends and sometimes genuinely kinda hate each other! And sometimes touch each other’s boobs".


30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 5)A brotp/ or friendship you like from the show ~Winston and Alvin.

"You know I’m not going to be here forever, right?"

"I know about death, Winston. I know there’s no farm where Dogs and Grandpas go."


30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 6): Favourite episode from Season 1 ~ Injured

"I wish I could trade places with you. Because I would do it in a second. I’m also glad that I can’t."


30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 7): Favourite episode from Season 2 ~ Pepperwood.

"I’m from Chicago. Thin crust pizza? No thank you, I’m from Chicago".


30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 8): A character that has grown on you ~ Cece Parekh.

"Where is this bitch? I’m going to smack the lawyer-learning right out of her mouth."


30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 9): A scene that made you emotional ~ The Eulogy.

"You okay Mama?"

"Yeah I’m gonna be okay Mama."


30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 10): Favorite Guest Star ~ Robby.

"Keep the pumpkins away from me, okay? I kinda cut myself last Halloween…I mean not on a knife, I cut myself on the pumpkin."


30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 12): Favorite Kiss ~ Nick & Jess

"Why can’t I stop thinking about his mouth on my mouth?"

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30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 13): Favourite Nick Moment ~ Attachment to the Trench Coat.

"This coat has clean lines and pockets that don’t quit! And when I wear it I feel hot to trot!"
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30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 14): Favourite Schmidt Moment ~ Schmidt Happens

"Give her the shirt back, man."

"What happens if I say no?"


30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 15): Favourite Jess Moment ~ Season 1 ‘Secrets’

"Are you ready to run? I have my playlist all ready! Actually it’s Dianne Keaton’s autobiography and she just filmed First Wives Club and it’s getting me PUMPED!"


30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 16): Favourite Winston Moment ~ “I’m cheating on Shelby in my mind.”

"Winston, you’ve been staring at this girl for five minutes. I hope you’re checking her out otherwise you’re a serial killer which would explain a lot."

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30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 17): Favourite Cece Moment ~ Hungover Modelling

30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 18): Favourite Outfit ~ Jess’ Season 1 Wardrobe

"One time a girl said to me, ‘Jess, you rock a lot of polka dots.’…and it ruined our friendship. I couldn’t get over the polka dot incident."

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30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 19): Most memorable/powerful quote ~ ‘Welcome to the family, Jess.’


"Yeah we don’t Awhh in this family."

30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 20): Funniest Line(s)
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30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 21): A Character Singing or Dancing ~ Jess Day

"I like to sing to myself…a lot."

30 DAY NEW GIRL CHALLENGE (Day 22): Favourite Douchbag Jar Moment ~ Compilation ‘Story of the 50’
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